Welcome to Pbxtronix

Pbxtronix is the new Australian manufacturer of the Natcomm product range. We welcome customers of National Communications (Aust) as we deliver products across our four portfolio areas. Our mission is to provide unique customer solutions for telephony, security and business messaging.

NatPhone Security Phones

Weatherproof security phones with a unique split-system design to simplify installation and maintenance without the need for an indoor display.

NatPlay Digital Audio Products

Configurable music or sound file players with a broad range of applications to enhance retail customer experience, provide safety and duress messages and message on hold solutions.

NatPort PBX Peripherals

Give new capabilities for your hardware or cloud PBX to enhance usability and hardware interfaces for analog-IP system interconnection, relay control, ring and off-hook indication and line-switching.

NatPage Call Paging

Enhance workplace efficiency and call handling for analog and IP phone systems using call paging, announcement and visual call indication.

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Ph: (07) 5596 5128 Sales: sales@pbxtronix.com
11 Aldinga St Brendale Qld
Brisbane, 4500