Pbxtronix Pty Ltd is an Australian private company dedicated to the design and manufacture of niche electronic products to provide unique customer solutions. In 2022 we acquired National Communications (Natcomm), a specialist Australian based manufacturer of innovative telecommunications devices, security phones, and digital audio products.
Our objectives are to refine our Australian manufacturing capability and provide traditional and new solutions for Natcomm customers.

Staff and Culture

Natcomm commenced business in 1990 and a very large number of our products Our team is comprised of professionals with many years of experience in electronics design and manufacturing. We operate to ISO9001 quality principles and strive for continuous improvement to deliver excellent value to our customers.


All products that connect to the Telephone Line are designed to meet all necessary ACMA, PTC & RCM (Australia & New Zealand), FCC Part 15 and 68 (USA : 2016), IC-03 and IC-003 (Industry Canada: 2016) and R&TTE (Europe and UK).

Terms and Conditions

Also contains refund, warranty and privacy policies.

Download here: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1scoUrLrWUwZMyWfBKvJlJkNRPYHZEP7J