Natcomm Premier – Analog (PSTN) Interface


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The Premier security phone is a 2-component system comprising an outdoor door phone and a control unit. The split system provides flexibility of choice in the phone system interface. The Analog option allows connection to a PSTN telephone line with the ability to generate a ring voltage and to dial out to a phone number.

The call button on the Premier announces a ring or dials out to a phone number.  The control module can be conveniently located indoors and safe from the weather and in closer proximity to door and gate release circuits activated by two relay contact outputs.

The Premier is a premium quality unit designed and proven for long-life operation in a wide range of environmental conditions. It is ideal for security entry and access situations where an uncomplicated and robust solution is required.

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Vertical, Horizontal


-Compact Flush mounting door phone

-Optional Stainless Surface Mounting Kit

-Premium Marine Grade Stainless Steel Fascia

-Fascia is coated with a Protective Polymer for an Enhanced Finish.

-Touch Switch’ Activation, for Enhanced Weatherproofing and Long Term Reliability

-4 Wire connectivity. Only 4 wires are required to connect to ANY Controller including DS-SIP

-Premium audio clarity and volume

-Blue LED Night Illumination

-Highly Weather Resistant


Surface Mount Kit


Wall Mount Kit


12VAC Adapter


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