Paging System Interface – SIP with integrated LIU


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PA-SIP connects to the PBX Network via DHCP. A Windows program is provided which will scan the network and connect you to the admin panel of PA-SIP.

PA-SIP will operate with all PBX Systems, including 3CX, RingCentral etc.

PA-SIP has an internal Line Isolation Unit (LIU), which means that you connect PA-SIP direct to the amplifier with the supplied RCA cable.

An anti-pop circuit is Integrated within PA-SIP to eliminate or greatly reduce the ‘pop’ that can be experienced by a small number of amplifiers when a paging call is connected.

An anti-hum circuit is integrated within PA-SIP to which will eliminate or greatly reduce the ‘hum’ that can occasionally be induced into audio systems from earth loop issues or electromagnetic interference from nearby equipment.


-Easy ‘Plug In’ Installation

-Easy ‘IP Set Up’ using the supplied Windows Based Setup Program

-Cost Effective and Easy to Use

-Can be used will ALL popular Cloud PBX’s from Broadsoft, 3CX, RingCentral and more.

-Two Year Warranty


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