DTMF Dual Relay Control Unit – Analog (PSTN/FXS) Interface


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The RCU is a relay control device which is designed to operate on an analogue telephone line or an analogue extension of a PBX.

RCU can also be connected to an ATA (Analogue Telephone Adaptor) or an FXS port of an IP PBX phone system.

RCU provides PBX access to one (Model RCU1) or two (Model RCU2)  separate dry relay contacts, each of which can be programmed with their own unique PIN Codes and relay closure times.

Relay Toggle- You can also use the PIN code to toggle the relay between closed and open with each call. In the event of a power loss, RCU will remember and set the status of each relay upon power re-connection.

RCU has a master pin facility, which if enabled, prevents unauthorised use of the relays or programming mode. Together with user set relay control codes, RCU provides 2 layers of security.


Models RCU1 and RCU2 are designed to connect to ANY of the following Telephone Line Connections:

-PSTN Lines

–PBX Analogue Extensions

–FXO Ports

–FXS Ports

–ATA Output

–Cellular Gateway Output

–A dedicated Access Control Line


12VAC Adapter


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