DTMF Dual Relay Control Unit – SIP Interface


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The RCU-SIP is a SIP based relay control device which can operate with any IP based PBX system, including cloud PBX systems.

The RCU-SIP provides PBX access to two separate dry relay contacts,
each of which can be programmed with their own unique PIN codes
and relay closure times.

Relay Toggle- you can also use the PIN code to toggle the relay
between closed and open with each call.

The RCU-SIP has a Master PIN facility, which if enabled, prevents
unauthorised use of the relays or programming mode. Together with
user-set relay control codes, RCU-SIP provides 2 layers of security.

The RCU-SIP has a full analog telephone adaptor (ATA) incorporated within its design.


-Open a Door or Gate from any Extension of an IP PBX

-Turn on or off Security Cameras

-Turn on or off a Security System Alarm Panel

-Reset or Turn on or off an Internet Switch or Router

-Reset or Turn on or off a Network Server

-Turn on or off an Air Conditioning Unit

-Turn on or off or reset any Electrical Device



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