Professional Background Music System with SecuRefresh Remote Update Feature


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When the IP address is granted, the BMS3 will then make an outgoing connection to the FTP server that it is configured to communicate with (the FTP server should be set up as per pages 4-5). It will download a file called uniqueID.upd (every site must have a unique ID) which is compiled by the BMS dealer control program.

This file contains details of all changes required by the user, as set via the BMS dealer control program. It contains details of all music content, message content and settings changes required for that site.

The BMS3 is configured to use up to 16 music folders. Although each folder can hold up to 250 music files, we highly recommend that you use music folders containing no more than 30 music files. This is because the BMS3 can only delete or add full music folder content via the FTP process and changing more than 30 music files can be time prohibitive.


-Plays MP3 based Songs and Messages at any programmable frequency

-Songs are played in true Random Fashion

-Unique Encryption system ensures Regulatory Compliance

-Internal Amplifier can be used with up to 10 external speakers

-Time Programmable Music and Message play option

-Digital ‘Solid State’ operation provides exceptional reliability and Minimal Power Consumption


12VAC Adapter

SD Card 16GB


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