Professional MOH Player with SecuRefresh Remote Update Feature


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The Professional MOH Player is a high quality MP3-based Digital Message Player, designed specifically for message on hold applications with PABX or other multi-line business telephone systems.

Like all Natcomm players, this device uses an SD flash card to store its messages. The use of an SD card allows for message updates to be achieved by sending a replacement flash card to the user. Changing over flash cards is quick and easy.

This device is specifically designed for customers that require frequent or completely automatic message updates, with no interaction by the user. It achieves this by connecting to the internet through the customers network. When this is not possible, it can connect directly to a dedicated broadband modem. The Professional MOH Player uses DHCP and FTP technology to simplify installation and ongoing firewall access. However, it can also be set up to use a static IP address instead.

Once installed, the Professional MOH Player will check for message updates at programmed intervals and download them when they are available. The internet connection also allows for other instructions (such as playlist timetables) stored on an SD Card to be updated automatically.

The Professional MOH Player also features an Intelligent Time Programming facility, which will allow it to play specific messages at specified times.


-Completely Automatic Message updates via the Internet

-Connects to a Customer Network or to a separate Broadband Modem

-Uses an FTP ‘Dial Out’ principle to reduce Firewall issues

-Uses DHCP technology to simplify Installation and can also use a Static IP Address


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