Professional MP3 Player with Digital Input Message Activation


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The TDU (Talking Display Unit) is a completely solid state (no moving parts) digital message player, which is specifically designed for a wide range of interactive messaging applications. Up to 250 messages can be loaded onto the supplied SD card.

TDU will play a message as soon as it is triggered by a switch, a sensor or at a user programmed time interval. TDU can play 1 message only, or you can load up to 250 messages onto the SD card and 1 message will play for each remote switch event..

Our alternative model TDU/S  has an optional serial port (RS232) instead of a switch input port. It will play 1-250 messages as required under the control of a remote PC or other intelligent device.


-Is supplied with a 2GB SD card to hold up to 250 separate messages.

-Uses MP3 technology to provide exceptional audio quality.

-Has a powerful 8W internal amplifier to provide high message output volume.

-Has no moving parts to wear out or that require maintenance.

-Is designed to automatically restart after any power interruption.

-Uses a supplied 2GB SD Flash Card to provide for quick and easy message changes.

-Can be set to play messages Automatically at 1-250 minute intervals.


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