Ring Detection Relay – Analog (PSTN/FXS) Interface


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The Ring Indicator is designed to turn on and turn off an attached strobe light or tone alert accessory in exact sequence with the incoming ring pattern until the call is answered. Alternatively, the Ring Indicator be set (via a dip switch) to turn on the attached accessory and leave it on until the call is answered.

Ring Indicator can also work with third-party equipment that can detect a dry relay contact closure, such as a home automation system or a security system to alert that there is an incoming call.

The internal relay of ring indicator can also be used to switch power (up to 12VDC/1A) to and from a third party device. A screw terminal connection box with a short connection cable can be provided for this application on request at no additional cost.

The power input to the Ring Indicator can be either12VAC or 12VDC (rated at 500mA or greater).


-Lets you know when there is an incoming call in noisy environments.

-Easy ‘Plug In’ Installation

Accessories are powered from Ring Indicator

-Accessories are supplied with a Wall Mount Bracket

-Cost Effective and Reliable

-Two Year Warranty


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